Date Submitted Software News
01/27/2014 John M. Chambers Statistical Software Award 2014
11/30/2012 Webinar signup: Advances in Gradient Boosting: the Power of Post-Processing December 14, 10-11 a.m., PST
02/03/2012 The data mining competition "Topical Classification of Biomedical Research Papers"
11/16/2011 BugsXLA book published September 9th, 2011
01/30/2011 Call for Interested Experts: Kauffman Roundtable on Establishment Surveys
11/26/2010 French Language Statistical Poster Competition
03/21/2010 New Modeling and Simulation Training Courses from Metrum Institute
02/11/2010 mathStatica 2 for Mathematica 7
12/07/2009 Schedule of Upcoming SAMSI Workshops
10/23/2009 Student Paper Competition 2010
10/23/2009 John M. Chambers Statistical Software Award 2010
10/20/2009 New Award Announcement ASA Stat Comp/Graph Sections: The Statistical Computing and Graphics Award
07/16/2009 Announcing more chances to attend very successful courses, being run due to high demand: *Introduction to Bayesian Disease Mapping* and *Advanced Bayesian Disease Mapping*
04/09/2009 XLSolutions R/S+ Courses in April, 2009
04/07/2009 April 07, 2009 New Articles Statistical Applications in Genetics and Molecular Biology
04/06/2009 Short Courses in Applied Statistics: 2009 Programme of Courses at Reading
12/12/2008 ANNOUNCE: 2009 John M. Chambers Statistical Software Award
10/17/2008 ANNOUNCE: 2009 ASA Computing and Graphics Student Paper Competition