International Association For Statistical Computing (IASC)
A Section of the International Statistical Institute

How to become a member?
Membership in IASC is open to all individuals and organizations who are interested in promoting the theory, methods and practice of statistical computing. To enroll as a member of the IASC, please, either Membership Benefits
The IASC membership provides worldwide access to new concepts and modern methods in statistical computing – the backbone for the information society.

The IASC improves the flow of information and computational data analysis throughout the economic, social, biological and industrial sectors. Advanced statistical methods, data mining, knowledge discovery, are essentials for industrial practice, e.g. in quality assurance, risk management and other fields.

The ISI, the mother organization of the IASC, is composed of elected members who are internationally recognized as the definitive world leaders in the field of statistics. With the IASC you will join a reservoir of expertise in computational statistics. The IASC membership is open to those who are interested in promoting the theory, methods and practice of statistical computing.

You will also receive free of charge the ISI Newsletter (three times a year) and the journal Computational Statistis & Data Analysis (CSDA) (12 issues per year, published by Elsevier Science B.V.) including the Statistical Software Newsletter (SSN) which offers much valuable information for computer statisticians. Membership in IASC entitles you to additionally subscribing ISI publications as well as ASA publications at reduced prices.

Mission Statement and Objectives
It is the mission of the IASC to integrate statistical methodology, advanced computer technology, and field specific knowledge in order to extract the maximum of information from data. It fosters evaluation of statistical computing techniques and programs and facilitates the exchange of computer programs and the organization of meetings, particularly in conjunction with sessions of the International Statistical Institute (ISI).

The IASC puts emphasis especially exploratory data analysis, data mining, pattern recognition, statistical databases and related field, e.g. computational statistics, statistical software, computational finance, statistical computing and e-commerce, customer relation management, computer intensive method, census and official statistics, quality control.

IASC provides international contacts among statisticians, computing professionals, organizations, institutions, governments, and the general public world-wide.

The exchange of ideas and knowledge is achieved by organizing and sponsoring conferences, by establishing regional sections, by organizing summer schools, and by exploiting the benefits of electronic communication.

Currently two regional sections are established: the European Regional Section(ERS), which organizes the biennial COMPSTAT meeting, and the Asian Regional Section (ARS), which organizes the STATCOMP conference every third year.

Close contacts exist to the Interface Foundation of North America where the IASC is regularly sponsoring a session at the yearly INTERFACE meeting.

Journal and Newsletter
Computational Statistics & Data Analysis, the official journal of the IASC, is an international journal dedicated to the dissemination of methodological research and application in the areas of computational statistics and data analysis, The journal consists of three refereed sections, and a fourth section dedicated to news on statistical computing:

Computational Statistics - Papers dealing with the impact of computers on statistical methodology (e.g. algorithms, computer graphics, computer intensive inferential methods, parallel computing, databases).

Statistical Methodology for Data Analysis - Manuscripts focused on data analysis strategies and methodologies (e.g. classification, data exploration, density estimation, model free data exploration, pattern recognition / image analysis).
Special Application-Manuscripts at the interface the statistics and computers (e.g. comparison of statistical methodology, computer-assisted instruction for statistics).

Statistical Software Newsletter – The rapid exchange of informational articles and news items (e.g. articles related to the development, usage and validation of statistical software; software reviews and tutorials) Announcements and meetings, and news items from the IASC and the ASA Section of Computing and Graphics may also be contributed to this section.