The Statistical Software Newsletter (SSN), managed by Allmut Hoermann - the founding Editor, has traditionally appeared as Section IV of the Computational Statistics and Data Analysis (CSDA). In 2003, the SSN is now available online so that more statisticians and computational scientists around the world will have access to this information. The SSN provides the rapid exchange of informational articles and news items (e.g. articles related to the development, usage and validation of statistical software; software reviews; review of books related to computational statistics/data analysis; announcements of new software products/releases; comparison of software products; software tutorials). The website also displays the most current announcements and meetings, and news items from the IASC and the ASA Section of Computing and Graphics.

In addition, the SSN website provides the capabilities of submitting Software News, IASC News and Calendar Events. To submit an entry, click here. Submitted items will be reviewed by the Managing Editor for inclusion on the SSN Website.